Wednesday, January 19, 2011



No words could possibly describe the past few days. I have encountered every emotion possible.

God is truly working on each precious soul here. The emotion I feel is unlike any emotion I have felt. It's more of a stirring within my soul.

Time and words will not permit me to tell you whats happening here. But everything is GOOD! God is GOOD!

Our day is full of divine meetings with our Lord. Everything from prayer, to lessons, to bible reading, worship, fellowship, blessing one another, etc.

I feel at the end of these next few months, I will not be perfect, nor will I ever fully comprehend our Lord Christ but I will learn how to be a true disciple and follower of His. I will learn to walk in the Spirit and not by my flesh! This world is sin and darkness, but I belong to the Lord and His Kingdom which is LIFE!

It is only the 3rd day of classes and the Lord has already taught me oh so much! Lord, we want to know You! Draw us near!

To sum up everything in just three words: JESUS IS LORD!

Praise Him!!!

I will write more this weekend when I have time... I love you all! And miss everyone, especially my precious family!

Love yall! Blessings in OUR Lord!!!!


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  1. Okay... so tears are streaming!!! Literally! No exaggerating. I love what you said, "The emotion I feel is unlike any emotion I have felt. It's more of a stirring within my soul." I so very much understand your feeling. My soul's been stirred too. And even since you've been gone I've had a greater stirring. Though I will have to admit, there is no thang like going off alone with your Lord! No greater thrill! An indescrible precious moments! Woe, no wonder He longs for us to come away with Him alone!

    I've been watching your lessons online. My, at all that ya'll are learning! A lot. So much. ALL GOoD!

    And as you said I say to Him ALL of the time, LORD, I WANT TO K-N-O-W YOU!!! There is such tremendous and abundant Life in the KNOW-ing!

    I love you, Prissy D. Lee! I'm praying for you everyday! And getting quick glimpses every now and then of you on the monitor! :) I heard you laughing a lot during one of ya'll breaks (though I you were behind the camera, I couldn't see your face). I was all by myself, but hearing your voice, I was laughing with you.

    I have a greater craving. A greater hunger and thrist and longing and desire for more of God's Word! I plan to delve in like never before in my alone time. I, too, don't want to miss a moment of my sweet adventuring journey with my God!

    LudjUUU MO!